May 11 • 41M

Ep. 22 Giving Language for our Pain and our Hallelujahs, with Edward Buri


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Kiran Young Wimberly
This podcast looks at the connections between spirituality and resilience through the lens of the Biblical Psalms. It explores how the Psalms help people through difficult times – times of personal and collective trauma – through conversations about personal story, field research, and theological reflection from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Listeners might include clergy, seminarians, spiritual directors, hymnwriters, church musicians, mental health practitioners, anyone interested in the intersection between spirituality and lived experience.
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TODAY’S GUEST is Edward Buri, Kenyan pastor, columnist, television host and founder of the Institute of Ethics and Youth Affairs. Along with pastoring a congregation within the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, Edward Buri writes a weekly column for one of the leading newspapers in Kenya, and hosts a program called “Hope TV,” which is the leading Christian media house in Kenya, and through these platforms champions good values as well as youth advocacy.

Buri [pronounced Furi], as he is known, was a bright light on the Princeton Theological Seminary campus in the early 2000s, when our paths converged for a few years, and Buri was one of those people I always felt grateful to have met. Buri has an infectious smile, a friendly sense of humor, a wise heart and a reflective mind. And, he has the most lovely singing voice – I still remember his powerful solos ringing out at our seminary choir concerts. I wanted to get in touch with Buri to hear about the role of the Psalms in his life, what they mean to his community, and what his thoughts are on the connections between spirituality and resilience from his life experience and the context of Kenya. In this conversation, which we had over the winter, we talk about the importance of recognizing each other in our humanity and how the Psalms help us do that; about how God continually calls us to a home where we can be restored to a divine joy and laughter in that place of belonging; how God is big enough to hear it all, and wants to come into the mud of our lives, in gumboots, and be alongside us in it; and how the Psalms give us language for our pain, and also our hope and our hallelujahs.

So whatever it is that brought you here, I’m glad you’re with us.

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